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Every clock we repair in our workshops receive special care and attention. The clock is completely stripped down. The movement is thoroughly checked over for wear. Every pivot is polished to obtain a good running surface. Every hole is checked & re-bushed where necessary. Mainsprings are removed from barrels, any hint of the slightest flaw, they are replaced with top quality new ones. When we are satisfied that the movement is good, it goes to the cleaning tank. All parts are then cleaned & polished to a high standard. Once that process is completed, the clock is reassembled.

The mainsprings are lubricated & placed back into there barrels, after being wound with a mainspring winder. This avoids any distortion to the spring, which can have a detrimental effect on the good running of an otherwise perfect movement.

Weight driven movements have gut lines replaced with either natural gut  or increasingly popular synthetic lines. Fusee wires are replaced. Chains are checked & cleaned. Ropes will be checked & replaced if necessary.

Once repaired it will go to our test bench where it will stay for a minimum of 10 days. Within that time, any faults will become apparent.

The clock case will have been worked on also, but only if agreed with the customer.Some cases are restored here in my workshops, others are sent out to my furniture restoration specialist whom i work closely with. Cases work on here are cleaned with a home made solution that will remove all the old polish, dirt & grime, but, will not remove the years of patination. This solution nourishes the wood & brings the true colour back. Then it is polished with pure beeswax.

The clock dial would also receive attention, Again, only if agreed with by the customer,it will initially be cleaned with soap & water. A specialist is used to bring very worn dials back to there former glory, be it painted, silvered or a badly cracked porcelain dial.

Once we are completely satisfied that the movement is 110% it goes back in its case. A further check is made to the time keeping of the clock. When it finally leaves the workshop it will be a very good timekeeper. The customer will be informed of the completion, a date will be made when we can return the clock.

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